Published: 17/05/16

Too shy to Tri

Too Shy to Tri!!! Go Tri – By Maria Woods

If I could have seen myself swimming 200 metres and then ripping off my wet suit to run 2km around Brockhole, I would never have believed it was me…. and just 2 weeks later find myself doing a 300m swim followed by a 3k run. But of course it was me and I was taking part in the Auathlon series organised by Emma at Active Blu. And now I find myself looking forward to the next Aquathlon, 400m swim and 4k run and it feels brilliant.

So would you believe it if I told you just 3 years ago I could barely put my head under the water let alone attempt a freestyle stroke, and regarding running, it was so long ago it hurts my brain to even begin to remember.

With that said, from a true novice, I would just like to say that if you can see a glimpse of yourself anywhere in this, then definitely give it a go. I really did feel that I would never be able to do it and also felt that it would only be for the super fit and competitive. All I can say is that with the support and encouragement of Emma at Active Blu I gave it a Tri and felt such a massive feeling of achievment. I have even managed a few extra little runs and might just see myself getting into this multi-event malarky. Thank you Emma for all your support and encouragement. Loving it!!

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