Published: 14/07/16

Top 10 tips for training

Training, done well, will make the event on the day a breeze.

Stick to these guides to make your training both pleasurable and successful:

  • Be Consistent.  Keep your training consistent and this will help avoid injury and condition your body to the load you are putting on it.
  • 10% Rule. Never increase distance by more than 5-10% each week.
  • Only change 1 variable at a time. When increasing intensity of your sessions, only ever change 1 thing at a time, for example when doing run intervals, increase either the pace or decrease the recovery, never both.
  • Take Recovery. Your body needs to recover in order to adapt to the overload you have put on it. Take recovery during the week and have recovery weeks in your training programme.
  • Mix it Up. Keep your training interesting and effective. Mix it up with different routes and styles of sessions. Have a mix of shorter faster stuff and long steady stuff.
  • Don’t forget Technique. Ask an instructor for pointers on your cycling or running. An hours worth of swim instruction can improve swimming no end.
  • Eat and sleep well. Fuel and sleep are vital when training. Aid your recovery and performance through good food and quality sleep.
  • Find a training partner. Train with groups or partners to help make it interesting and to push you.
  • Push yourself occasionally. Don’t be afraid to push yourself in training, get your body used to feeling challenged.
  • HAVE FUN AND ENJOY IT! More important than anything, enjoy your training. Remember this is what we do for fun!!

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