Published: 08/08/16

Buying your bike – The Basics

Buying your bike should be a fun and great experience. The most expensive bit of kit you’ll need to invest in will be your bike.

Mountain, Hybrid, Road, Aero and Time Trial are all types of bikes available.

“My best advice when shopping for your bike is to build a relationship with a local shop, that way they will know your needs and help you make the right choice”
Mike Pope, Owner at Strada Cycles.

What you need will depend on your Use, Budget and Ability.

Think about what you are using the bike for, is it just for training and racing or will it also be for commuting, make sure the bike you choose meets your requirements.

How much do you want to spend, you can buy a decent entry level bike for £300 or second hand bikes can be a good first bike too if you know what you are looking for. Prices can go up as high as £7000+ so you need to know your budget before you go shopping otherwise you could be persuaded to spend more than you should!

Think about your abilty, if you’re a novice you don’t want to be buying a time trial bike which will be uncomfortable and harder to ride. Likewise if you are a more experienced rider you may want to consider an Aero bike which would give you the best of both.

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