Published: 06/03/17

Setting a Training Plan

Planning your first triathlon? The first step to creating a training plan is to set yourself a target. Are you doing a GO TRI event or being more ambitious and taking on a sprint or standard distance triathlon?

Before you get started, if you are new to exercise, you may want to get a check-up from your doctor. If you begin to experience severe or lasting pain or discomfort from exercise, you should stop and seek professional advice.

When exercising, remember to always allow some time to conduct a warm up before and a cool after exercise.

Creating your training plan

Begin by breaking your triathlon down into the different distances involved (Example, a GO TRI triathlon usually has distances of around 200m Swim, 10km Bike, 2.5km Run). Start off by working on one 20-40 minute session of each discipline, each week, making three sessions per week. This should all be done at a steady pace with a focus on building endurance rather than speed.

Training can be built into your daily activities, such as cycling on your commute to work, or jogging when you take the dog out for a walk. If you have the time it is best to try and carry out your sessions in the local gym and pool.


Once you find yourself comfortable with undertaking each discipline individually, try adding in an extra session of up to 40 minutes or combining two elements of a triathlon together (Example: 15 minute bike followed by 15 minute run).  This will help you practice getting used to transitioning between the different disciplines, as well as continuing to build your fitness through consistency to get ready for your event.

Example Sessions

To help get you started we have a few session plans for you to try depending on your current training stage, just click on the buttons below to download.


Try these sessions when getting started, they will give you confidence and motivation on this first step.


If you are a regular gym user this is your place to start. Sessions will build your fitness and speed!


Nearly ready for your event? These are the sessions for you, giving you chance to put the elements of triathlon together.

Getting help

You can get help towards training for a triathlon in several places. Often there will be an instructor at your local gym who can advise on warm ups, cool downs and intensity, or you can find your local GO TRI training sessions and come along.

If you’re looking to take on a sprint of standard triathlon your local triathlon club will be able to provide you with a community for developing your training.


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