Published: 11/04/17

10 Top Tips To Get You Started

We’re all busy people, but there are plenty of ways we can all build physical activity into our lives. Being physically active is easier than you think, especially if you make activity part of your daily routine. Our top tips can help you make getting active that little bit easier.

1. Enlist some support – Whether it’s a work colleague or your partner, get them involved too to make getting out there a more of a sociable experience. Get the feel-good factor and catch up with mates in one go!

2. Pace yourself – If you’re currently not particularly active it’s not the best idea to go for an hours run to begin with. Start small, with a 10 minute jog around the block and grow your activity gradually.

3. Keep hydrated and be sure to eat well – Drinking enough will help you get the most out of your exercise session and feel-good while you’re doing it.

4. Check your equipment before you get going – You don’t want to realise your breaks don’t work halfway down a hill or find out you don’t have any goggles once you’re in the swimming pool changing rooms.

5. Plan a route before you start so that you know how far you’re going, rather than just wandering around aimlessly.

6. Fit small sessions into your everyday routine. Maybe it’s commuting to work, or heading out for a lunchtime walk?

7. Try to get a good night sleep if you’re planning to get active before work or whilst you drop the kids at school. Tiredness makes getting out of the door that little bit harder.

8. Check the weather forecast – If it’s due to be sunny, make sure you take a drink with you. If it’s a bit chilly, be sure to put on lots of layers and keep your hands and head covered to stay warm.

9. Set yourself a goal – Whether it’s making it one lap further around the park or increasing the intensity on the bike at the gym, small achievable targets can help give you the motivation to keep going.

10. ENJOY YOURSELF! Find a form of activity that you enjoy, rather than struggling on with something you hate.

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