GO TRI at Manor House School Race 3

Sunday 15 September 2019

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WHEN Sunday 15 September 2019
WHERE Manor House School, Manor House School, Manor House Lane, Leatherhead KT23 4EN


A shower


A bike


A bike


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GO TRI at Manor House School Race 3

Sunday 15 September 2019


GO TRI event at Manor House School, Bookham, Surrey offering aquathlon, duathlon and triathlon chances for adults and children of all abilities.

The great venue offers a full triathlon event for children of all ages with a closed roads cycle circuit. The childrens events (TriStars) will cover a range of distances depending upon the age category entered.

For adult competitors there is the option to take part in the same closed road event available to children or an on road event around the village of Bookham in Surrey.

Adult races will start at 08:00 and the TriStars races will start at 10:00.


Race Distances
Adult Aquathlon Swim 168m, Run 2.4km
Adult Duathlon - Closed Road Run 2km, Bike 6km, Run 2km
Adult Duathlon - Open Road Run 2km, Bike 11.5km, Run 2km
Adult Long Course Swim 336m, Bike 11km, Run 3km
Adult Triathlon - Closed Road Swim 168m, Bike 6km, Run 2.4km
Adult Triathlon - Open Road Swim 168m, Bike 11.5km, Run 2.4km
TriStars 1 & 2 Aquathlon (Age 9+) Swim 126m, Run 1.2km
TriStars 1 & 2 Duathlon (Age 9+) Run 1km, Bike 4km, Run 400m
TriStars 1 & 2 Triathlon (Age 9+) Swim 126m, Bike 4km, Run 1.2km
TriStars 3 Aquathlon (Age 13+) Swim 168m, Run 2.4km
TriStars 3 Duathlon (Age 13+) Run 2km, Bike 6km, Run 600m
TriStars 3 Triathlon (Age 13+) Swim 168m, Bike 6km, Run 2.4km
TriStars Start Aquathlon (Age 8+) Swim 42m, Run 400m
TriStars Start Duathlon (Age 8+) Run 400m, Bike 1km, Run 200m
TriStars Start Triathlon (Age 8+) Swim 42m, Bike 1km, Run 400m

What you'll need

General kit list:

  • Trainers
  • Shorts/Leggings
  • T-Shirt or top
  • Water bottle
  • Towel


  • 1 or 2 piece costume for ladies
  • Trunks or shorts for men
  • A wetsuit if your swim is open water
  • Don't forget your goggles!


  • Bike* (any bike will do)
  • Helmet
  • * If this GO TRI activity uses spin bikes, you don't need to bring your own bike *


  • All you need is a pair of trainers

Event Features

Male and female symbols


A coffee cup


Event Contacts

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