GO TRI Local Hitchin

Sunday 30 October 2022

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WHEN Sunday 30 October 2022
WHERE Butts Close, Hitchin Outdoor Pool, Hitchin Swimming Pool, Fishponds Road, Hitchin SG5 1HA


A bike


A bike


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GO TRI Local Hitchin

Sunday 30 October 2022


NB: From October to April it is now a Duathlon: Run-Bike-Run and it starts at 9am... Our monthly swim, bike and run activities are perfect for those wanting to try multi-sport for the first time, to gain confidence, and have fun. Join in as a family, with friends, or meet likeminded people on the day. The event includes an enjoyable pool-based swim at Hitchin Swimming Centre (From May to September only) and a traffic-free run and bike around Butts Close. This is a non-competitive event. The great thing is you don't even have to complete the full distance - just do as much as suits you on the day.

Time: Registration 8:00am (9am from October to April).
Distances: Swim – 50m – Two lengths of the indoor pool. Bike – 1000m – Around the Butts Close Park, a traffic free area Run – 500m - Around the Butts Close Park, a traffic free area
Cost: Adults & Juniors; £5.00 Guardian and Child: Children 6 years – 8 years must be always accompanied around the course by an adult (18 years +). When booking, please enter the child’s details and the parent’s details in a separate booking.

This is a monthly series which will take place on the following dates: 22nd May, 5th June, 31st July, 21st August, 18th September, 30th October, 20th November, and 18th December. See you there!


Race Distances
Children 6-7 (Adults enter on behalf) Run 0.5km, Bike 1km, Run 0.5km
Children 8-14 yrs Run 0.4km, Bike 1km, Run 0.2km
Youth and Adult 15 yrs + Run 1km, Bike 1km, Run 0.5km

What you'll need

General kit list:

  • Trainers
  • Shorts/Leggings
  • T-Shirt or top
  • Water bottle
  • Towel


  • Bike* (any bike will do)
  • Helmet
  • * If this GO TRI activity uses spin bikes, you don't need to bring your own bike *


  • All you need is a pair of trainers

Event Features

A shower


Male and female symbols


A coffee cup


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GO TRI Local Hitchin

  • 18 Dec 2022
  • Hitchin
  • Level: Starter
  • Competitor: Child/ Adult
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