GO TRI is all about new people to triathlon, the sessions are designed to be motivating and friendly to novices. They will be challenging, but not off putting. You may get the odd Triathlete joining in, but the session is about you not them.
You will have a qualified instructor leading you in a range of sessions with a triathlon theme. The aim being to motivate and build confidence to take part in an activity such as studio cycling; gym based sessions- treadmills and static bikes, conditioning sessions – triathlon specific circuits; combination ‘ brick’ sessions – bike and run; swim sessions – motivation and confidence building;indoor triathlons: swim, bike and run.
When you search for a session, you will be given a list of kit required, but for training in most cases it will be normal gym clothing.
In most cases, you won’t need any kit to take part in training other than suitable clothing. If you decide to take part in an event that needs a bike, consider hiring or borrowing a bike, but make sure that it is roadworthy.
If you are reasonably active (e.g. you go to the gym on a regular basis) you are more than capable of taking part in sessions. If you have any medical concerns you should discuss with your doctor, and make the instructor aware when starting any session.
Yes absolutely! Give it a go, most people simply need to swim on a regular basis to increase the distance. You may need some improvement sessions with a swim coach, but the instructor will help with a referral.
Unfortunately we can’t offer this level of instruction. However part of the instructor training is how to help new participants get support, and this could be finding a swim teacher or a cycle coach. You will only need the fundamentals to get started, you don’t need to be an expert!
Each leisure centre will have its own rules on those under 18. You should check with each leisure centre provider on their rules. We can’t guarantee that all sessions will cater for under 18 year olds, however almost all will allow 16 year olds to take part with parental guidance.
This will depend on the person, and what you have done before, e.g. if you have done a Race for Life and like to swim every week, then you should be fine to book on your first event. We would recommend that you have been active for at 4 weeks and completed the full distance separately in training.
Yes, the sessions are a great way to stay in shape and workout with a group of people. If there is a local event, you can go along as supporter or volunteer to be a marshal.
As we have said before you can take part in normal gym clothing and a swim suit. However a pair of triathlon shorts can work for both men and women. We advise against swimming in normal cycling shorts, they look the same, but the padding will swell up like a nappy! You can swim, bike and run in them- training or event. They will also give you some protection from the saddle in the cycle or spin class (they have a small amount of padding in the right place). No need to change- then can be worn over a swim suit, you can just put a t-shirt on over the top.Prices start at around £25, but are very versatile and not much more expensive than a swimming cossie!
For open water events in the UK we recommend that you wear a wetsuit, see the Rulebook for further advice.
Every event is clearly sign posted and volunteers will direct you.
Of course, this is your event.
The one that fits you best. However your bike must have two freewheels (not “fixie”) and two brakes.
GO TRI are unable to supply wetsuits, however it maybe worth contacting the race venue to see if they hire suits.
Yes providing spaces are still available.
Contact the race organiser at the event you wish to volunteer at, we’re sure they’ll be delighted to hear from you.
A Duathlon is an event combining the cycle and run disciplines of triathlon. Again, activity takes place against a continuously running clock. Events are usually organised as run/cycle/run races, the second run often shorter than the first.
A Triathlon is defined in British Triathlon’s constitution as “an event combining any combination of swimming, cycling and running”. A conventional triathlon is made up of a swim followed by a cycle ride followed by a run. Triathlon is an individual activity and races take place against a continuously running clock.
An aquathlon is the third variation of a multi-sport event that you will now commonly see. This is made up of a swim/run combination and as with the other two types of event, the activity takes place against a continuously running clock.
You must be 8 years old by the 31st December of this year. If you are aged between 8 & 18 parental consent is required. Up to the age of 14, GO TRI events take place on courses free from traffic.
We have searched out the best places to swim, bike and run around the country. These will offer a place to workout towards your own triathlon goal. Venues will range from outdoor swimming pools, run tracks, to parks and cycle routes. Some will be supervised, others you are on your own; You just have to simply turn up and get going. Each site will have its own opening times and facilties on offer- check them out before you head off to work out. If you have a favourite pool or place to train, let us know and we may add it to our list!



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