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Tri January - FAQs

Where do I sign up for Tri January?

It's nice and simple - all you have to do is head to and join your team. At this point you will be asked to register to receive your FREE Tri January pack containing a wall planner, stickers, tri trumps cards, diary insert, and our very own Tri January mascot - everything you need to get started on your Tri January challenge.

How do I track my challenge?

Once you have signed up to Tri January you will be sent your pack in the post. This includes a few goodies including a wall chart and diary insert for you to track your distance on. On the GO TRI website, your personal dashboard will show that you have successfully signed up to a Tri January challenge. Then it’s over to you to track your distance in whichever way works best for you - you can keep us up to date with your progress by sharing your Tri January photos and stories with us on social media - @yourgotri #TriJanuary.

How long will my Tri January pack take to arrive?

We are aiming to get the packs to you within a few days of you signing up. Due to the overwhelming success of Tri January your pack may take a little longer but don’t let this stop you from getting started.

How should I split my challenge distance between swim, bike and run?

You can split the challenge distance however you like. If you are taking on the 15km challenge, you may choose to swim 1km, cycle 12km and run 2km. You can complete your distances over multiple sessions or some of you may want to challenge yourself even further and try and do it all in one session – the choice is yours. Also, we know there may be one element that you don't fancy - this is absolutely fine by us. The challenge is just about you getting active in 2019 any way you want!

How long do I have to complete my Tri January challenge?

It’s completely up to you – just get started on your challenge in January (even if it’s on the 31st) and keep going until you reach that final distance (or even further if you wish). On the back of your wall chart and diary insert you will see we have included February and March planners so if your challenge spills over past January you can still log your kms!

I have signed up for Team You, Me & the Big C but have completed my 15km – can I now join Team Bushell and aim for 25km?

That’s great! We would love you to continue your Tri January challenge and look to take on even more kms! Don’t worry – you don’t need to re-register – just continue clocking up those distances on your wall chart and be sure to keep us updated with your progress by posting on social media - #trijanuary @yourgotri

How do I get a Tri January t-shirt?

We will be doing a few prize draws and competitions throughout January to win a t-shirt so stay tuned on our social media channels to be in for a chance of getting your hands on one.

Where can I take part in Tri January?

You can complete your Tri January challenge wherever you like. Whether that’s in your local leisure centre, out in the country side or in your local park – the list goes on! You can search for GO TRI activities local to you by clicking "Search Activities" in the top right hand corner of the GO TRI homepage.