"If you’re thinking about taking on a triathlon, just do it and don’t be scared or worried because everyone thinks they look weird in a wetsuit so you’re not alone. "

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I lost weight and took on a GO TRI

In August 2017, I visited my mother and decided to weigh myself as I didn’t have scales at home. To my shock I saw that the scales said that I weighed over 14.5 stone. Talking to my partner on the way home, I discovered that we had both weighed ourselves and were disgusted with the outcome.

We both decided to join a weightloss programme and I decided that I needed something to fill my time with, so I joined my local running club in November 2017. I decided to take on a Parkrun and then I started improving and knocking 30 seconds off each time.

After completing my first half marathon, I became ambitious and decided to sign up for the GO TRI event at the ITU World Triathlon Leeds 2018. My running was coming along, and my cycling wasn’t too bad, but swimming was never going to be my strongest element. I even managed to persuade other members of the club to have a go alongside me. 

Before I knew it, I was signing in at Roundhay Park with my wetsuit in my bag and my nerves in my stomach. I racked my bike, sorted out my transition and struggled to put on my wetsuit.

Once I was ready to go I headed down to the pontoon, which the staff and the volunteers helped calm everyone’s nerves before the briefing. With the camera crews buzzing around, I felt like a real pro.

Before I knew it my race was over. I had been cheered all the way around by the volunteers, crowd and the staff and ended on a real adrenaline high. I loved every minute of it, except for the second transition. I had been warned about jelly legs but didn’t think they were real.

I am now proud to call myself a triathlete and my journey has only just started. I am entering the Salford Triathlon Sprint distance at the end of July. I wouldn’t have thought this would have been possible after standing on the scales.”

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