"I felt really at ease and I highly recommend these events to anyone who wants to take part in any form of multisport."

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I used a GO TRI event to help me with transitions

Being a dietitian, you are expected to be quite fit and healthy and I was when I was younger. I used to swim twice a week with a swimming club up until the age of 18 when I decided to stop going as I was moving to university. I haven’t swum or cycled a lot since then and that was ten years ago.

My resolution for 2017 was complete a sprint triathlon after speaking to one of my patience who competed a quite a high level. I spoke to them about what I did when I was younger, and they encouraged me to go for it. I also felt like I wanted to start swimming again because I missed it.

So, I bit the bullet and in February and booked on the sprint triathlon in St Neots which is near to where I live. The race was in September, so I have time to train before the day. It was open water, so I braved the Tri20 lake near Reading over the summer and although I found it scary at first, but I soon began I enjoyed it. As a pool swimmer it took time to get use to not seeing anything!

I found a 10-mile loop round Basingstoke where I live and cycled up and down some quite big hills and I used this a cycle practice. I also took up spinning classes once a week to help build my stamina on the bike.

As an intro into transitions I entered a GO TRI duathlon event at Green Park. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. There was a real mix of people from different abilities all around to difference of equipment, I felt really at ease and I highly recommend these events to anyone who wants to take part in any form of multisport.

It really helped build my confidence going into my first triathlon and it helped me learn what I needed to know about transitions. I also enjoyed the piece of cake afterwards so that was a real bonus.

I completed the St Neots Sprint Distance Triathlon in 1 hour and 44 minutes. I am planning on doing another one next year to help me keep up with the swimming. I’m also going to do more GO TRI events next year including those ones at Green Park to help keep me motivated in cycling.

My advice to anyone looking at completing a triathlon is to try and not be put off by the equipment. I used my hybrid bike, purchased the cheapest wetsuit I could find and found some running shorts in the sales. Give it a TRI because you will never know what you might accomplish.