"After chemo and FOUR cardiac arrests, I was eager to get back into exercising"

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Resus to GO TRI

At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. After major surgery, having not been able to eat for ten days, my weight dropped to 42kg. I’ve always loved sport and what kept me going when I was in hospital was the hope that one day I would be able to run again, despite the doubts from the medics.

After 3 weeks in hospital, I was allowed to return home and started gaining some weight. I managed to gain 5kg in 5 weeks but returned to hospital anxious of the chemo and what was next. The day after my first chemotherapy treatment I was admitted to A&E having had a drug induced seizure, the next day I had a second seizure followed by four cardiac arrests. I was taken to the intensive care unit and awoke 3 days later.

In August 2017 I swam for the first time after my surgery, it was just a few lengths, but it felt great. As I regained my strength I started cycling. Running was the last sport that I could start as it puts strain on the core which would have affected where I had my operation. After a few months of building up strength, I managed to run a kilometre.

3 days before the first anniversary of my surgery in 2018, I completed my first sprint distance triathlon and did a second in July. It was after that I was told about the GO TRI events and entered one in June and August and helped marshal at one in July.

All the events I compete help raise money for the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Surrey Hospital.

The GO TRI events are great fun for everyone who wants to give triathlon a go. I recommend anyone can give GO TRI a go and you will be shocked with what you can discover about yourself.