"Completing the challenge is extremely fun. It offers a platform for my friends and I to motivate and support each other towards reaching our goal"

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Tri January is the answer for retired thrillseekers

If you ever find yourself twiddling your thumbs and seeking some much-needed motivation, then look no further than Pam Lonsdale and her Liverpudlian peers. From trekking rugged Australian terrain to soaring the thrills of indoor skydiving, the retired friendship group certainly don’t fear the word ‘challenge’.

Pam, who is 68 years old and lives in Liverpool, recently went through a spinal fusion which impacted her everyday lifestyle and physical activity routine.

In order to stay motivated when injured, Pam stayed in touch with her friends about various challenges they could tackle once she was back on her feet to keep her morale high. Pam comments: “It’s quite simple really. We’re all part of a WhatsApp group and whenever someone has a new idea, they share this with everyone else. Most of us are always up for giving it a go! We pride ourselves in being able to motivate each other to complete these challenges but crucially, at our own pace.”

The close-knitted group have embraced adrenaline fuelled experiences such as assault courses, zip wiring, dragon boat racing, horse riding, Segway’s, and climbing Mount Snowdon. Taking part in such ranging activities wouldn’t be possible without having friends who share the same ‘can-do’ attitude as Pam.

Looking for a new challenge for 2019, Pam was made aware of Tri January, a British Triathlon led campaign which encourages individuals and groups to swim or row, bike and run throughout January. After seeing the campaign featured on BBC Breakfast, Pam and her friends immediately signed up.

With the campaign emphasising how anyone can take on a new, exciting multisport challenge throughout January, Pam and her friendship group joined Deborah James and Lauren Mahon’s ‘Team You, Me and the Big C’ 15km distance:

“We wanted to ensure we continue to overcome the fear which some females have, in, not wanting to participate in physical activity. ‘Team You, Me and the Big C’ was an obvious choice for us because of their positive attitude towards taking on new things for the first time. Completing previous sporting and physical activity challenges like Tri January certainly provides us with the confidence to take part. The convenience factor is also fantastic, meaning anyone can fit completing the set distance into their daily routine.”

Pam adds: “Completing the challenge is extremely fun. It offers a platform for my friends and I to motivate and support each other towards reaching our distance goal.”

After recently setting out to the Peak District for some trekking, Pam and her friends covered significant ground which means they have nearly reached their 15km goal. As a result, the determined group are planning to sign up to ‘Team Bushell’ whereby they will aim to conquer the 25km distance.

Pam summarises how Tri January is a breath of fresh air to those seeking a new challenge:

“Tri January has provided my friends and I with some much-needed enthusiasm and motivation to get through January. We love all types of sport and physical activity, but Tri January primarily appealed to us because we could still have fun together whilst fitting the challenge into our daily routines. I call it social harmony!

For anyone out there who is considering signing up to the campaign, there is still more than enough time. You can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it, so just go for it! It doesn’t matter how much you do or completing it by the end of January; the campaign is about getting out there and trying something new. You’ve got nothing to lose. Hopefully we are of inspiration to others of a similar age seeking some encouragement to experience their first sporting challenge.”

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