Starting Your Journey

Welcome to the GO TRI community, we’re not all about events and activities in fact we just want to help people Get Started in their triathlon journey and to have fun.

We’re here to help provide the steps to encourage you put on your trainers and get more active.

GO TRI have developed a fun 5-minute workout which we created alongside Sport Relief. This workout has been specifically developed to relate to triathlon movements and we have even got some of our up and coming junior performance athletes to guide you through!

5 minutes does sound a lot but once you start, time with fly by. Don’t worry if you must pause the video or can only manage a minute at a time. Start gradually and build yourself up. Remember, we’re all about fun so just relax and enjoy yourself.

Think that was easy. Why not take on our 10-minute workout here.

Now we think you are ready to Build Your Own GO TRI or to take on our GO TRI Gym Challenge as the next step in your GO TRI journey.

If you want to tell us about your GO TRI workout experience get in touch with us at

"Get Started now with our GO TRI 5 minute workout!"

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